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DISCLAIMER: It is important to know that LegitPredict is an independent betting website that operates on its own and have no affliction with any other betting website that has similar name with it. If there’s any, we’ll do well to inform our users.


At Naijakit, we believe that sports betting (and bookmaking) should be an activity strictly for all adults (18+) to engage if they choose to do so.


Please note, at Naijakit, individuals who wish to subscribe to our premium service and wager their hard earned cash and should also understand the consequences of losing their bet, along with what is expected of the bookmakers if they win.


At Naijakit, we care about and respect the privacy of all our members and users.


When you access this website we’ll learn certain information about you, and we are committed to keeping all information private.


This privacy policy details exactly how we handle any information that we have about our users. The following definitions apply.


Updating and Amending of Privacy Policy

The owners, or agent acting on behalf of the owners, may update or amend this Privacy Policy at any time without notice.


About the Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the terms for how the site and/or the owners collects information from users and how that information is used.


This Privacy Policy doesn’t relate to how any third-party websites that may be linked from our pages will use the user information.


Non-Personal Information

Certain non-personal information is collected and stored when users visit the site. This includes the browser being used, the type of computer being used, the domain being used, the date and time of access, and other technical information.


This information may collectively be used to analyze traffic to the site, but it’s not linked in any way to individual users accessing the site.


Personal Information

Personal information is only collected and stored by the site if a user volunteers such information by contacting the site or the owners. Such information is only used for the purposes of responding to users.


Sale or Disclosure of Personal Information

Neither the site nor the owners will sell or disclose any personal information to any third-party under any circumstances.



The site may use cookies for the purposes of improving user experience, tracking traffic coming from other websites, and tracking traffic leaving to other websites. Cookies aren’t linked in any way to individual users accessing the site.


Acceptance of Privacy Policy

By using the site all users agree to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.


Questions Relating to Privacy Policy

If you as the user have any questions relating to these terms you may contact the site. Details of how to contact the site can be found on the following page: Contact Us.


Updating and Amending of Privacy Policy

Naijakit reserve the right to update and amend this Privacy Policy at any time without any notice to our users..